Thursday, June 25, 2009

Natty Invites You...

Natalina wants you to come to our party. First annual Strawberry Festival this Saturday, June 27th, from noon until the chocolate fountain runs dry. Not kidding about that chocolate fountain.

Early Season CSA offerings

This week marks the first baby carrots of the season. The first carrots are a milestone of the season, as are the first beets and strawberries. they are the first Summer vegetables of substance after all the Spring greens and radishes begin.

That's not to discount the peas! I have eaten more peas in the last two weeks than I've had in the last eight months...but isn't that the way it should be? Eat 'em fresh, and get sick of them, so you won't miss them until next pea season is approaching. There's nothing like stalking the first vegetables of the season. For those of you who have a yard, especially those of you who have children who are picky eaters, PLANT A GARDEN. Even if it's just a few carrots and tomatoes. Kids are fascinated with growing things. and if it's not some creepy unknown vegetable, they're much more likely to eat it. Trust me. As a child, the only 'safe' vegetables beyond carrots and broccoli were in my grandma's garden. From then on, I didn't eat a green bean until college, because I never had a truly fresh one (I grew up in the parched desert, where no one grew anything outside). Zucchini was odd and foreign, let alone eggplant. Natty won't always eat the food on her plate, but she'll try 90% of what's growing in the field.

Our members who start growing their own gardens often call or email to apologize for not signing up. But really, I'm thrilled. I think that everyone should grow something, even if it's just a windowsill herb. It's grounding. We're so far removed from what nourishes us...any living thing that we can help to flourish, especially a plant, who won't tug on your pant leg and ask you for water, or a snack, or some sunlight, just anything that can guide us to that mindfulness is a blessing.

Look Ma, more transplants! As if the first 50 or 60 thousand weren't enough, the transplants just



Quite probably because we just keep seeding them. Here we have cauliflower, kale (just eat it, it's good), and basil in the foreground, with fennel and who knows what else filling the bench. We'll keep transplanting into the field until early August.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tis the season for strawberries! This time of year, we always go into the field with extra room in our pockets and empty hands. It takes a few minutes longer to get anywhere, because you always have to stop and "check in" on the strawberries. This handful was reduced to a few tops in five minutes time.

If you haven't heard, our first annual Strawberry Festival will be on Saturday, June 27th.
Live music and snacks will be provided, and we'll be selling berries and strawberry shortcake to raise funds for painting our renovated barn!

For our CSA members, our first delivery is next week. Expect fresh picked strawberries for your first delivery! Here's what else is fresh from the field:

Asian broccoli
Bok choy
Garlic flowers
Red Oak Leaf Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce
Saladbowl lettuce
Winter density lettuce
Easter egg radishes
Shunkyo Radishes