Friday, November 13, 2009

Deep mud, good times

Greetings from the Boistfort Valley! We have kept quite busy with our Autumn weekly shares and our local orders, despite the nasty weather.

We are excited to offer an extensive Winter program this season-
it's a benefit to us, our employees, and hopefully to all of you! Despite the rain, we have a decent climate for some year-round production, or at least, the Winter won't kill most our our beautiful, hardy vegetables.

Thanks to so many of you who have joined us for the Winter CSA! It's nice to not have to say goodbye to all of you for the soggy season. We anticipate attending the Ballard Sunday Market until mid-December, then it's anyone's guess-we'll be saving our best produce for our members.

As a side note: I want to invite you, if you aren't familiar, to check out Mike's blog as well:
He has been recording our on-farm projects, our most recent of which is the tree planting that I talked up in the farm notes. We've loved working with all the kids who have come out to help us plant trees and prune artichokes.

Saturday's planting crew, taking a break in the greenhouse