Monday, October 19, 2009

Can i let you in on something?

we're tired. this whole farming thing is hard work. i know it seems idyllic from the outside--beautiful things growing all around you, great food and amazing people committed to the growing and eating of real food with real nutrients...but sometimes we wonder what it would be like to just have jobs. Jobs where we could be done at the end of the day. Jobs where we wouldn't be up half the night thinking about how to get everything done, or how on earth to pay for it, or how to just keep going.

But then we look at each other, and say, "who would hire YOU?" and laugh. We've probably been doing this too long. and farming gets under your skin. you become attached to the miracle of it all, to the idea that you could possibly grow something, that could nourish someone, that could be enjoyed and even celebrated as the life-giving force that it is. you get attached to your wonderful members, and customers, and their children, whom you've seen growing up for years on your very own vegetables. and it makes you feel like your life is worth it.

in short, we keep doing it because we love all of you. we love what we do. and we know that you love what we do. and in our most exhausted, frustrated moments, its you that we think of.

Thank you.